MORE WORLD – Communal Tools for Planetary Challenges


MORE WORLD – Communal Tools for Planetary Challenges

Moderiert von Krystian Woznicki

So, 03.02.2019 13:0014:30
Café Stage

The right-wing politics of affect awaken the spirits of fascism and simultaneously discredit other ideas of affect-driven social movements—such as the “indignados” in southern Europe. But it is not enough to appeal to the reason of those who have apparently gone mad. The increasing dominance of right-wing populist “world shrinkages” goes hand in hand with the revival of white supremacist ideas, thus also with the revitalization of an idea of rationality born inside the European Enlightenment-colonization-complex—a rationality project that itself represents and even reinforces white supremacy.

Celebrating its 20th year, the Berliner Gazette will launch the MORE WORLD project with a panel that puts political-discursive “world shrinkages” that have become socially acceptable under right-wing populism to the test. In the face of this irrationality, how can we go beyond the obvious—but insufficient—appeal to reason as we know it and bring to light new forms of communal rationality to guide us out of the current crisis?

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