Uneasy Alliances – Discussion


Uneasy Alliances – Discussion

Moderated by Wojciech Kosma, Ewa Majewska

Fri, 01.02.2019 15:0018:00
HKW - Exhibition Hall 1
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With the corrosion of the public sphere into separate communities, the question of how to build alliances crossing social fields and lived realities has become urgent. Over the past couple of months, the group of participants of this transmediale Study Circle has reflected on this and other questions following the concept of Uneasy Alliances. This concept aims to investigate how new forms of acting in solidarity can be built by connecting artistic, tech, and activist approaches. The Study Circle participants are here reporting from an unfinished process and invite in the audience to be part of their conversation in a session that will present, discuss, and perform lived experience of different (uneasy) alliances.


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