Tactics for Radical Collaboration


Tactics for Radical Collaboration

Tue, 29.01.2019 18:0020:00
HKW - K1

This peer-facilitated workshop format aims to discuss how we can envision collective and collaborative work in the arts and beyond. Participants will discuss technological, communicative, and organizational tactics for building collectives and communities through culture, with particular attention paid to technological platforms as mediators for processes and how we can adapt tech tools that work for us—and not us for them. The workshop will shed light on the complex structures that influence how we work together, such as the codes/language/knowledge of different backgrounds, organizational practices, software, and financial realities. Ideally, it will provide a welcoming space to experience a process of radical collaboration and the healing feeling of communal self-efficacy, restoring the sense of a “radical outside,” agency and caring alliance in times of hyper-individualized labor. This workshop is aimed at people of all backgrounds already working in or interested in taking part in collectives or becoming community/event organizers.

A cooperation between transmediale and Spektrum. Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


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