Software Garden


Software Garden

Fri, 01.02.2019 20:00 to 21:00
Exhibition Hall 1
Passes and Single Tickets

Artist Rory Pilgrim presents the Berlin premiere of the performance version of his multi-faceted project Software Garden, which spans around a music album, video works, and poetry. Developed since 2016, Software Garden is a response to the political events that have given rise to increasing inequality, nationalism, and political isolationism. As a live performance, the project unfolds somewhere between a pop concert, kabuki theater, and a political space of action interweaving song, spoken word, choreography, and visuals. Focussing on the connections between technology, disability, and the systems that care for a society, the performance is narrated by poet and disability advocate Carol R. Kallend. In it, she reflects on the desire to have a robotic companion to fill the void created by the British Government’s disability cuts that left her with drastically reduced access to care.

Carol R. Kallend – Poetry
Casper-Malte Augusta – Choreography & Dancer
Robyn Haddon – Singer and Co-Songwriter
David Andrews and Modern Activity – Text and Letter Work


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