ᕦ(⩾﹏⩽)ᕥ Opting out Is Not an Option!


ᕦ(⩾﹏⩽)ᕥ Opting out Is Not an Option!

Thu, 31.01.2019 19:0022:00

#purplenoise is a new global phenomenon that made its first appearance as fake news in September 2018 when it hijacked a feminist demonstration in order to noisify the situation. Since then, #purplenoise manifests itself at various real-life events and vanishes again—only to reappear in ever new manifestations. At the heart of #purplenoise there is techno-feminist propaganda: the desire to fuck over social media, to bring down platform capitalism, to reconquer public space, to escape the social control exercised by monopolies, to refine political manipulation, to use affect in order to build the common, to turn power into care, to produce more just realities, to win the battle over Donna Haraway, and to create new narratives about the future. The explosive mix of #purplenoise consists of real anger, ruthless action, social (dis-)information, technical intelligence, political radicalism, and true love.

Use these hashtags:
#purplenoise #algorithmicdespotism #iusemyfeelers #imakenoise


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