HI meets AI: “Der UngenauBot” and “PALM”


HI meets AI: “Der UngenauBot” and “PALM”

Moderated by Dominik Landwehr

Sat, 02.02.2019 13:3015:00
Café Stage

The art projects Der UngenauBot and PALM playfully address human interactions with specially developed robotic and media systems, thus picking up on the festival theme of empathy in digital culture. In their work Der UngenauBot, Fabian Bircher and Ilmar Hurkxkens combine highly developed robot technology with an everyday rubber glove that performs banal activities—anunusual setting that enables new emotional approaches to robotics. With PALM, the U5 collective appropriates the methods of social media corporations, using a series of self-developed cameras to continuously stream images to a website where they can be rated. Through this, U5 raises questions of surveillance, self-portrayal, and aesthetics. The artists will present their works and discuss them with Dominik Landwehr (Digital Brainstorming, CH). In 2018, both works were granted The Migros Culture Percentage’s “Digital Culture” work grants.


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