Thu, 31.01.2019 22:3023:00
HKW - Exhibition Hall 1

With her music project COOL FOR YOU, artist Vika Kirchenbauer premieres and performs tracks from her forthcoming debut album, in which she crafts ambiguous atmospheres of ostensibly contradicting emotions within unusual time signatures, evoking uncanny euphoria, subtle anxiety, and encompassing beauty. Pairing heavily chopped samples of dissonant Christian choirs with skittering drums, COOL FOR YOU's music has been described as equally “brutal and compelling […] in a milieu of heavy breathing and nervous rhythms.” With releases like MOOD MANAGEMENT (Creamcake, 2017), Kirchenbauer also hints towards music’s affective embedding in commercialized (online) spaces, and towards the listener’s use of sound as a means to alter or emphasize particular states of emotion.

Warning: strobe lights are used during this performance.

Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


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